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Unforgettable Creative Services for Student Ministries.

Sermon Series Graphics


The church needs good art.

I’ll never forget the first time I visited a friend’s church and saw the “sermon series” model working really well. They had a floor-to-ceiling art display in the lobby. The greeters were handing out matching welcome cards. As the lead pastor walked onto stage, I saw the series graphics again. Before he ever spoke a word, I felt oriented and excited. This might sound like “business as usual” for you, but this was my first time seeing anything like that. I was blown away. Not only was it easier to follow along, but I retained what the pastor said the next week.

We need art, and it needs to be good.

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Ongoing & Monthly




“I JUst want it all to be handled.”

  • 2x Series concepts

  • As many screen and social graphics as you need.

  • Motion graphics for social



“I Have a creative team but need help developing stellar ideas.”

  • 2x series concepts

  • Working files for your team to use.



“we’ve got limited budget and trust your judgement.”

  • Series Theme

  • 2x Sermon Screens

  • 1x Social Post (square and portrait)

Hanna Sprinkle loves Bright Coal Creative

"I would recommend Bright Coal Creative to any church looking to step up their media game. Josh goes above & beyond for every project. He gets things done on time, stays current with all the trends so your looks are relevant & current, and puts a lot of thought into each project, so you have his absolute best work. Working with him has been a breeze!"

Hanna Sprinkle, United Students

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