Why did Bright Coal Creative start?

In this day and age, churches get lots of love and professional help; however, I've seen from my time in student ministry, that the next generation usually gets overlooked, under-resourced, and in general, is treated like an afterthought. This includes creative assets - which is crazy! The younger demographic is impacted the most by visuals.

Why "Bright Coal"?

There are tons of high-impact visual "moments" in the Word, but I wanted to tie in one that dealt with communication.

In Isaiah 6, the seraphim burned away the impurities from Isaiah’s mouth with a “live coal”. Bright Coal exists to pave the way for real change to take place.

(Also, I wanted something that was short, sweet, and the .com was up for grabs.)

Is it just you?

Yes and no. I (Josh Whiting) am the founder and main driver, but depending on project needs and bandwidth, I work with additional fantastic photographers, videographers, motion graphics, web, illustrators, and designers to make sure you get the best possible assets for your specific needs.

Do you work with smaller churches?

While my efforts provide the most impact for ministries who need to communicate with hundred(s) of students, smaller youth groups often need help with brand efforts, direction, and strategy.

Regardless of the size or budget of your ministry, I'd love to hop on a quick call and, if nothing else, help you think through your Instagram feed.

Why are you so (cheap / expensive)?

Student ministries have widely varying budgets and some don't have an allocated budget for creative assets at all.  

The rates presented on the website or quoted on our call are my best effort to serve the folks who would get the most out of it - simply because my availability is limited. As a result, some folks will feel like it's a steal and others think I'm crazy.

Bright Coal is not going to be the right fit for every ministry, and that's ok.

Can you work inside of ________ project management system?

Absolutely. I’m a big fan of systems (in general) and have specific experience using Basecamp, Asana, Do, Gantt, Wrike, Slack, Harvest, Google Docs (you get the idea) and plenty of others.

Will you be able to deliver on time?

In short, yes. If you establish a schedule and get me details with enough lead time, we will be good to go. One ministry I work with maps out themes 6 months in advance and requires creative 6 weeks before they are needed to ship. (We get along great.)

I came here for free stickers. What gives?

I used to offer free stickers to anyone who subscribed to the mailing list. Then one day, it got picked up be several “free stuff” websites… long story short, I was swamped with requests from folks who may or may not actually be interested in being a part of the Bright Coal fam. As a result, new email subscribers get a discount for their first order and the shop, and bigger, better sticker packs are available for sale.