Unforgettable Creative Services for Student Ministries.

Thanks for a great 1st year.

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Wait. I’m new to the party.

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Some of my favorite things that happened this year:

(In no particular order)

  1. Met over 70 student pastors and other folks in ministry.

  2. Unearthed the joys of daily warmups. It’s amazing what happens when you spend 45 minutes creating for fun a couple of days a week. Skills sharpen. Batteries recharge. Doors open.

  3. Got to be a part of over 40 new projects, that I would’ve never had the shot at without this.

  4. Somebody got a tattoo of my work!! (first time ever)

  5. Went to Crop Conference w my new “internet friend” @aaarodd

  6. Made new a TON of new creative friends who challenge and encourage me.

  7. Made it on the YM Lab Podcast, and in doing so, made a great friend and checked off a career bucket list item.

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Behind the scenes:

I’ve never been on set for a “boring video shoot”, but doing this one with just 2 people (and a shoestring budget) was especially interesting. Huge shoutout to my boy Cam at Reflexio for his mad skills and patience with my tedious attention to detail (and wild ideas).

Final version:



What is Bright Coal Creative?

In short, a one-man design shop based out of Augusta, GA with a big heart for students and an eye for good design. You can get more of the low-down on my deal on the About or FAQ pages. Most folks hire me for help with Sermon Series, Merch Design, Logo & Branding, or Camp / Conference.

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